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logo showing meems bottom covered bridge and shenandoah tool works company nameMy friend, Norm Reid, and I are founders and co-owners of Shenandoah Tool Works.  We offer high quality woodworking mallets and birdcage awls using highly figured domestic and exotic hardwoods.  Visit our site at

A New Approach to Learn Chip Carving

The Stamp 'n Chip kit is a provides a unique way to learn chip carving...

Rubber stamps eliminate the time consuming, and often frustrating process of drawing, and re-drawing designs necessary for practice.  Instead, the kit's rubber stamps provide you the ability to instantly 'draw" the pattern onto your practice board.  Using the Stamp 'n Chip workbook, the stamps provide a progression from simple triangles, adjacent triangles, rosettes, and free-rom designs. 

The following stamps are included in the kit:

basic triangle shapes rubber stamp design

     Basic triangle shapes, the foundation of chip carving; and triangles in combinations to create beautiful border designs;


an adjacent triangle design for the stamp n chip chip carving kit

     Adjacent triangles, which produce the 'sharp edge' between adjacent chips that are so prevalent in chip carving;

a rosette design for the stamp n chip chip carving kit


     Rosettes, the beautiful circular designs that often mark the centerpiece of a chip carving design;

This rosette is made from overlapping circles and can be carved either as a positive or negative image.


a rosette design for the stamp n chip chip carving kit

     This is a twelve sided rosette...a very popular design.  This rosette can also be carved as either a positive or negative image.

a flower design for the stamp n chip chip carving kit

     The flower is a sample of a flowing freeform design where your creativity is unlimited.

a name and date stamp

Each practice board should be signed and dated so you can watch your improvement over time!